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Houston’s Newest Photo Rental Studio

Large, air conditioned, clean and comfortable.

We are building a community and would love for you to become part of it.

Studio Amenities

The West Loop Rental Studio is within minutes of the Galleria, Medical Center, Energy Corridor, West University, Bellaire, Meyerland, the Astrodome, and Downtown Houston.

Located near the intersection of the I-610 West Loop and I-69 freeway on the corner of Glenmont and Royalton. It is easy to get in and out of the area even during peak traffic times in Houston.

In case you need a rental, or need to pick up something, we are less than a mile away from the pro production rental house TexCam and close to Houston Camera Exchange.

Studio A is for Affiliates only. It is a smaller space 12 x 20 ft with 10 ft ceilings. It has additional insulation to help with outside sound, and can be used for photography or a podcast room.

Headshot and Branding  Studio B 12x20ft with 10 ft ceilings and dimmable lights.

Studio B is the main rental space. It is available for affiliates as well. It is 40ft x 50ft with 16-20 ft ceilings with white walls and polished concrete floors.

The ceiling slopes from 16 feet over the garage to 22 feet in the back. The ceiling over the main shooting area is 20+ feet high.

With a large 12ft wide x 14ft tall garage at ground level, offloading your gear or products for your production is easy. This is a great space for photographing vehicles, and other large products.

Prior arrangements are required if you want this option during your rental.

Large studio with garage access for loading equipment.

Houston is hot and rainy. West Loop Rental Studio is the place to escape the heat and humidity and get out of the rain.
We also have heat for those handful of days per year we need to turn on the furnace.

There are 10 parking spaces right in front of the studio. There is also a parking area on the corner of the complex to accommodate additional vehicles. Please note, cars cannot be left overnight and will potentially be towed if parked without scheduled studio time.

The space has minimal light leak with all the lights off, thus minimizing any light pollution for your color critical work.

We are not a natural light studio, BUT we have a north facing garage door which can provide very nice light.

There is also a small east facing window that provides some nice light in the mornings.

Prior arrangements are required if you want this option during your rental.

There is a 10 ft platform ladder available for those shots needing a different angle. The use of the platform ladder must be prearranged before your shoot. Did I mention this was a great space for photographing cars?

Your safety is important to us. We have security cameras in several places within the studio.

We have an air conditioned Lounge with a coffee bar and seating for your clients to relax while you finish setting up the studio for your session. Bring them back when you are ready. You can also review photos with your client for in person sales on the big screen TV.

There is a dedicated makeup counter wide enough for 2-3 clients at a time. Lighting is bright and dimmable with 90+ CRI and 5000k to ensure your client looks the same on camera. The makeup area has great access to both studios.

Makeup and dressing area - Nice and open to accommodate several people at a time.
Makeup and dressing area – Nice and open to accommodate several people at a time.

We have 2 dressing areas adjacent to the makeup area with good access to both studios.

We have a guest Wi Fi network for you and your guests while at the studio.

Studio work often includes tethering to a computer. To minimize the equipment you need to bring with you, we provide a rolling tethering cart with 30 inch monitor for client viewing, power strip for plugging in laptop, and USB plugs for charging your devices. You just need to bring your computer and tethering cable.

There are tables and chairs in the studio space to work on.

Several colors of 9 ft rolls of seamless paper are available for your use.

There is a selection of furniture which can be used for your images.

We are adding continuously to our options. If there is something you are interested in, let us know, and we may be able to accommodate your needs.

Two Flashpoint Streaklight 360’s are included in the rental along with various lights stands, umbrellas, and softboxes. Triggers for Nikon, Canon, Sony, and Fugi are available.

We have (2) Nanlite 300 Bicolor lights. These are available upon request.

At this time, the West Loop Rental Studio does not rent any equipment; HOWEVER, the Pro Rental House Texcam, Inc is located less than 1 mile away. They are not open on the weekends, so be sure to plan to get your rentals during the week.

We offer monthly affiliates programs with and without an office. The Affiliate pays a monthly fee for a set number of hours, plus access to additional hours at a reduced rate.

Our goal

Provide a clean professional space for your projects.

Our mission

Provide infrastructure to support the business of creativity.