Studio Policies

Activity associated with studio rentals including photography, video, workshops or meetings shall adhere to the following policies.

  1. STUDIO AREAS. Standard rentals include access to the Lounge, Studio B, bathrooms, and Dressing/Makeup. Offices, Printers, Storage Room, and Studio A are not included. The Lounge, Bathrooms, and Dressing/Makeup Rooms are shared spaces. Studio B is the renters exclusively during the rental period.
  2. LOUNGE USE. Your guests may wait in the Lounge if they arrive before you are ready for them in the studio; however, they will not be admitted prior to your scheduled time.  The Lounge area and bathrooms are not to be used to get ready. Your clients should use the Dressing/Makeup room.
  3. NUMBER OF PEOPLE. Standard studio rental is a max of 10 people. For more than 10 people, workshop rates apply.
  4. RENTAL PERIOD. Rental duration includes setup, breakdown, and clean up of the studio spaces. Late departures will be assessed a late fee. 
  5. ACCESS. The front door will remain locked at all times. People will be allowed in based on appointment time. 
  6. GARAGE DOOR. Drive in for unloading / loading is available for an additional fee and must be prearranged.  
  7. EQUIPMENT DELIVERY & PICKUP. You may have equipment or props requiring delivery or shipping to/from the studio outside of your rental time.  This can be arranged for an additional fee. The renter is responsible for all scheduling and insurance of the equipment. WLRS does not assume any responsibility for the equipment in case of damage, theft, or fire.
  8. STUDIO CONDITION. All studio spaces are to be left in the same condition as found at the beginning of the rental. Cleaning fees may be assessed if not left as found. 
  9. EQUIPMENT. WLRS provides some equipment for your use within the studio; however, WLRS does not make any special guarantee to the working order of the equipment. Please notify use of any malfunction or damage as soon as discovered.
  10. FURNITURE. Any furniture in the studio spaces may be used as a prop. WLRS staff will coordinate the movement of the furniture.
  11. FOOD / CATERING. Outside food / catering may be brought in during the rental with prior arrangements. Delivery/setup/cleanup must be within the rental period. 
  12. MUSIC. Music must be kept at reasonable levels to not disturb other tenants in the area.  
  13. NOT SOUNDRPOOF. This is not a soundproof studio, you can hear noises from outside and the other rooms. Video shoots are allowed; however, outside noises can be heard inside the studio.   
  14. TRASH. All trash is to be placed in the available trash cans, or bagged up and set by the garage door by the end of the rental period. Nothing is to be deposited in the dumpsters in the warehouse park.
  15. SECURITY CAMERAS. There are several security cameras throughout the studio. There are no security cameras in the bathrooms, or near the changing area.
  16. ANIMALS. No animals or pets are admitted without prior arrangements. 
  17. SMOKING. No smoking or open flames allowed in the studio spaces.
  18. NUISANCE PROPS. No glitter, smoke machines, or confetti without prior arrangements. 
  19. LEGAL AGE. It is the renter’s sole responsibility to ensure all models are of legal age or have the proper legal guardian consent and/or attendance.   
  20. CHILDREN. Children must be supervised at all times. WLRS is not responsible for damages they may cause. 
  21. NUDITY. Nudity is allowed; however, prior arrangements must be made for consideration of WLRS personnel.
  22. WLRS reserves the right to stop the shoot at anytime.

Amenities Included in Rental

  • Complementary Coffee, Tea, and Water
  • Lounge area for your clients
  • Stands, scrims, V-flats, modifiers
  • 2 folding tables + 4 folding chairs
  • Use of Makeup/Dressing area
  • Steamer
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Various grip : clamps, gaffers tape
  • Couches, chairs, desks are available for props. Moving large props requires coordination with the staff. 
  • Gray + seasonal color seamless paper is included. Other colors can be requested for an additional fee.

Add-ons for Rentals

  • (2) Flashpoint 360 lights + modifiers – Canon / Nikon / Fugi / Sony triggers
  • Specific seamless paper color
  • Additional Chairs and Tables
  • Adjustable Tether Table with Monitor
  • Projector
  • 65 Inch TV
  • Assistant
  • Model
  • Pro Photographer Mentoring